If it’s a routine surgical wound, the only job you have is to check it every day for swelling, discharge or smell, and MAKE SURE YOU KEEP YOUR PET’S CONE ON. Pets heal wounds really well, and need limited intervention. Please do not bathe your pet while the sutures are in place.

If your pet has had a wound left open (eg. some abscesses) or a drain placed, you can expect that there may be some discharge from the wound or drain. We recommend this area be kept clean. Soak some swabs or paper towel in warm, salty water and let it sit against any dried discharge. Once it has softened (may take a minute or two), you can then gently agitate the discharge and wipe it away. Make sure you pat the area dry carefully after you’ve cleaned it. If you’re having trouble keeping it clean, please contact the clinic. Do not allow your pet to lick at any collected discharge.

If your pet has had a dressing placed, we recommend this be removed 24-48 hours after surgery. It will be very sticky around the edges and your pet might not like having it removed. If you’re struggling, please soak the edges of the sticky bandage in coconut oil or olive oil or even warm water – you’ll find the adhesive softening and this will make it easier to remove. Please don’t hesitate to contact the clinic if you can’t remove it, as we can easily help you!

If your pet has a proper bandage on a limb after surgery, it will generally be recommended that it be removed or changed after 3-5 days – you will be instructed about this when you pick your pet up. If the bandage becomes wet, or your pet has been licking it, please contact the clinic immediately as a wet bandage sitting against the skin can cause severe infections.