Some animals are more tolerant of elizabethan cone collars than others. Keeping your pet away from their surgical wounds is absolutely critical to the success of their wound healing, so if you’re struggling to keep the cone on, please seek assistance IMMEDIATELY, don’t leave it until you see the vet at your post-op check. We recommend that where possible your pet’s own collar should be threaded through the loops of the collar rather than a ribbon, as they are usually less stretchy and more comfortable. The collar should be tight enough to prevent your pet from pulling the cone over their head, but you should still be able to easily slide two fingers under the collar to ensure it’s not overly tight. DO NOT TAKE THE COLLAR OFF unless under your vet’s direction.

There are lots of alternative options that we can talk through with you if you’re having trouble – soft cones that are like airplane pillows, t-shirts or socks that can be fashioned into covers, antiseptic bitter sprays that can discourage your pet from licking and so on. Please call the clinic with any questions.