We Care Because You Care

We’re a locally-grown, community-focused vet clinic, so we’re committed to giving back to the communities that have helped shape us. We regularly provide donations to local schools and sporting teams in the Melville area, and love using what we have to make difference.

  • Peace of mind through genuine care.

  • We provide unbiased, stress-free advice at every step.

  • Take comfort that you’re making the right decision for your pet.

Booragoon Vet Clinic, Melville vets

Our Treatments


Cat Hotel

Our Cat Boarding Hotel is the purr-fect place for your cat to stay whilst you are away.  Your cat will receive endless love from our staff and nurses and also a free health check during their stay.



We are open for extended hours, Monday to Friday from 08:00AM to 6:30PM and Saturday from 08:00AM to 12:00PM, which means we can be available for you as much as we can. If you have a pet emergency during these hours, please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team on 9330 1665 for advice over the phone, and to get your furry friend seen to as soon as possible.



Drs Tiegs and Mark are huge proponents of regular dental care and the importance of maintaining excellent dental hygiene. Clinical studies have linked dental disease to a plethora of animal health conditions, ranging from kidney disease to gastrointestinal upsets, bad breath, poor digestion and even heart disease!



We offer a full suite of pet vaccinations, and all our vaccination appointments include a full checkup with the vet to make sure your best friend is in tip top shape prior to their injection. We are flexible in the type and administration for different pets, and also offer titre testing should you wish to check your pet's protection rather than routinely vaccinating each year. 



Our vets and nurses are very well educated on pet nutrition, and Dr. Tiegs has a particular focus on gut health and the importance of nutrition and gut microbial health in managing lots of different medical conditions and also supporting general wellness. We have dietary recommendations for all pets and situations, ranging from supermarket brands through premium prescription diets all the way to holistic home prepared diets with perfect nutritional balance.



Drs Tiegs and Mark have a combined experience of over 40 years, and in that time they’ve developed a huge combined range of surgical skills to assist you and your pet, no matter what the problem may be.

Professional Pet Care